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DDA Audits

Part 3 of the Disabled Discrimination Act came into force in October 2004. People who run any business involving access by the public must comply with the DDA Act from that time. We are fully trained as DDA Auditors to provide an analysis of existing buildings, how the public use them, how they are affected by the DDA Act and what needs to be done if they do not.

In addition the audits, we can provide full specification and project management service where necessary to help clients comply.

The DDA Act is somewhat misunderstood and most view it as simply acces for people in wheelchairs. This is not the case. The DDA Act applies to people with all sorts of disabilities for example, those who are head of hearing, with partial sight, learning difficulties, wheelchair users and the like. The Act requires building owners to carry out reasonable checks to see that their buildings can comply with the act, and if not, take reasonable steps to ensure that it dose.
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